Discover Killer Cabernet from Chile

The Powerhouse traveling sip and learn event "Wine Riot" has come home to its roots in Boston and opened their own store in the South End!

Chile is a Cabernet Sauvignon powerhouse. It's the second-largest Cabernet producing region in the world, surpassing the entire United States and nipping at France's heels. This makes sense because the climate in Chile is perfect for growing Cabernet grapes. The vineyards here get snow melt from the Andes Mountains on one side, cool air from the Pacific Ocean on the other, and plenty of sunshine to boot. This allows the grapes to ripen to perfection and make Cabernet that rivals California in quality. But since South America's winemaking reputation is not nearly as prestigious, you'll snag these wines for a fraction of the price. Taste for yourself with this weekend's Passport Wine, the Caliterra Reserva Cabernet. It's rich, bold, and tastes like a Cab that costs twice the price. Sip it solo, or pair it with all of the grilled meat, Chilean style. Go see them at Wine Riot South End (519 Tremont Street) for this wine and a few more outstanding bottles for the weekend.

They are stocking all of these wines at the listed prices for at least the next week. Stop by Wine Riot South End and pick up a few for the weekend!

Your Passport Wine

2014 Caliterra Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon Valle del Colchagua - $20

You’re craving a Cab Sauv, but before you hit up France or Cali, come here to Chile! It’s pretty much like discovering a band years before they start selling out stadiums: exceptional wine at an equally exceptional value. You'll be raving about it to all of your friends, who'll say they heard about it when.

Netflix & Chill

Le Fleur De Lys Macon Villages Veneto, Italy - $12

This classic example of an Old World Chardonnay is the perfect thing to serve with a no-fuss dinner or casual date. No oak. Driven by acid, citrus, and stone. Linger leisurely after the plates have been cleared and enjoy it as an aperitif, too.

Treat Yourself

2012 Amisfield Pinot Noir Central Otago, New Zealand - $40 $36

The picturesque Central Otago region of New Zealand is making waves with its elegant Pinot Noir. These winemakers prefer to work with the environment to produce wine that’s naturally delicious and totally sustainable. New Zealand Pinots are light, high acid, with delicate fruit. This is what you want with salmon, tuna, or chicken. * This wine is 10% off until Wednesday, August 3 at Wine Riot South End!

Ball Out

2014 Domaine Pernot Belicard, Meursault Burgundy, France - $60 $54

Sometimes you need a really good Meursault. This is a quintessential, top quality French Chardonnay. Winemaker Philippe Pernot is the third generation in a legacy of Burgundy greats and this wine proves he's got game. Seductively fruity, unexpectedly earthy, and rounded out with a delicate kiss of oak. One sip and you'll understand what all the hype is about. * This wine is 10% off until Wednesday, August 3 at Wine Riot South End

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