Our Mission

The Women of Boston is a networking platform for greater Boston area women of a certain age who are seeking a secure, supportive, friendly, and encouraging environment of solidarity and growth both personally and professionally.


An entrepreneur, a visionary of female empowerment, and the founder of The Women of Boston – Maria Paola has created this distinctive space to bring awareness, establish essential and lasting relationships, and provide the necessary tools that will enable women to be the best versions of themselves that they can be at any stage of life.


Business, fashion, and pop culture for women have traditionally revolved around the twenty to thirty-something range of females from one generation to the next with targeted focus upon youth driven issues and solutions. However, Maria appreciates the value of all women and the importance of being recognized with ageless reverence.

Inspired by the power of unity, Maria’s mission is to cultivate a harmonious community of like-minded women online (and in-person as soon as it is possible) to harness and nurture the inherent gifts that every woman of a certain age holds. In addition, through a series of fun activities and regular online events – The Women of Boston organization will offer a boundless reservoir of resources from a directory featuring female operated businesses and informative monthly articles to a wide array of networking strategies and personal opportunities. Whether you are interested in making new connections, sharing ideas, resolving an issue or building your business – The Women of Boston are here for you!





Maria Paola,

Founder & CEO