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Who Are The Women Of Boston

We are the fabric of classic reminiscence and contemporary refinement
woven within the wondrous and abounding tapestry of life.

We are ageless, timeless, and incomparable beings, who aren’t defined by chronological numbers or the antiquated perceptions of who we should be. We have businesses, careers, fashion sense, style, beauty, allure, and minds of our own. We aren’t people to be dismissed by society’s imposed stereotypes or overlooked because we don’t fit an unrealistic mold. Our abilities and aspirations are not limited or defeated by negativity and paralyzing labels, because we aren’t afraid to be who we are or march to the beat of our own drums.

We are strong, courageous, adventurous, and intelligent women who are making our marks upon the world and making our dreams come true as mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, and nieces. We are beyond the years of adolescence and uncertainty, but also, we will always be too young, to be too old. We are women of a certain age and we are the women of Boston!!

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